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Véronique Miège

Holding a degree of applied languages (LEA), English and Spanish from the University of Savoy, I worked eighteen years within an international organization in Geneva. For a long time, I have been interested in therapeutic work and helping others, which brought me to register for training in Transactional Analysis and Polarity. I hold a diploma in massotherapy, classical massage and reflexology from the school Escale Santé Formation in Geneva.

I want to put my technical and relational skills to the service of patients, with the respect, the attention and a genuine presence.


Touch is probably the most ancient form of natural therapy. Practised both in the East and in the West, massage goes back into the mists of time.

Massotherapy includes several massage techniques which share the common objectives of health and wellbeing.

Positive actions

  • To favor relaxation (physical and psychic)
  • To decrease tensions
  • To strengthen the smooth running of the vital organs
  • To firm up muscles and joints
  • To increase blood and lymphatic circulation
  • To improve the assimilation and digestion of food
  • To help the elimination of toxins
  • To develop the awakening of the body

Proposed Techniques

  • Classical massage with essential oils (complete or sectorial)
  • Deep massage of the face
  • Percussion and vibration massage
  • Leg circulatory massage
  • Massage for pregnant women or in side position
  • Seated massage on ergonomic chair
  • On the ground synergetic relaxation (oriental techniques)


Reflexology is a technique of holistic touch which is practised on reflex zones of the feet, hands and ears using finger pressure. It aims at regulating and balancing all the body systems. It contributes to mobilize the autocure processes of the body and actively maintain health.

Illustrations and ancient texts allow us to think that the Chinese and Egyptians used a form of foot reflexology during Antiquity. Modern reflexology goes back to the works of an American doctor, Dr William Fitzgerald, who elaborated a theory in 1913 based on an anatomical model which divides the body into 10 energy zones, going from head to foot: reflex zones.

At the beginning of the 1930s, Eunice Ingham, an American physiotherapist and assistant of Dr Fitzgerald, worked out, from the discoveries by this doctor, reflexology such as we know it today.

Positive actions

  • To enable deep relaxation
  • To regulate the systems of the whole body
  • To harmonise all vital functions
  • To release stress and nervous tension
  • To ensure detoxination

The reflexology has notable positive effects, particularly on

  • Headaches
  • Back pains
  • Sleep
  • Transit problems
  • Breathing problems
  • Premenstrual syndrome
  • Unwanted effects of chemotherapy


60 minutes………. CHF 120 

Massage :  classical, deep of the face, percussion and vibration, back De Breuss (Derviche), pregnant women, oriental relaxation

Foot reflexology

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