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Leila Turner Moreau

Leila Turner holds a degree in biology from the University of Geneva. Yet it is her interest in body expression and movement that led her to go on to earn a diploma as a dance instructor from the Conservatoire de Musique of Geneva.

She continued to explore different approaches to personal growth. She discovered various touch techniques and specialized in kinesiology, which she has been practicing and teaching for the past 25 years.

More recently, she explored new therapies related to body dynamics such as NST (NeuroStructural integration Technique), and has also trained in the art of Facial Harmony.

Leila is a member of ASCA (Fondation pour la reconnaissance et le développement des thérapies alternatives et complémentaires), recognised by several complementary health insurance policies.


Kinesiology encompasses a broad spectrum of investigative techniques based on manual muscle testing to promote personal growth . As an educational and non-medical approach to health, kinesiology works towards self-responsibility, helping people to reconnect with and tap into their inner ressources to attain and maintain well-being.

Kinesiology uses manual muscle testing to monitor stress and imbalances within the body as well as to pinpoint the nature of these imbalances . These stresses may relate to emotional stress, nutrition, allergies, learning difficulties, injuries and pain in general.

The muscle test actually monitors the integrity of the electrical pathway from the brain to the muscle fibers ; it creates direct communication with the body’s own consciousness, thus accesses the « cellular » memory of our past experiences. Muscle testing makes it also possible to determine the procedures to alleviate these imbalances to allow healing to occur.

Kinesiology draws from Chinese Traditional Medicine and has developed further with the addition of other ancient wisdoms and vibrational energy healing techniques.

Conditions which respond well to Kinesiology

  • Any area of life where stressors prevent optimal performance
  • Fear, frustration, discouragement, aggressiveness, etc.
  • Addictions and compulsive behaviour
  • Muscle tension and postural issues

NST (Neurostructural Integration Technique)

NST is a remarkably effective technique, that when applied, initiates a process of natural auto-regulation to occur in the spinal column and consequently throughout the whole body.

The resultant effect of this is a rapid elimination or reduction of symptoms, followed by an increase in energy and a sense of well-being.

NST is essentially a soft tissue therapy designed to release muscles and fascia in a manner which is safe for all ages. It comprises cross-fibre maneuvering of muscle, tendon, ligament or nerve, using varying pressure and incorporating resting periods to allow the body to respond.

Substantial relief is frequently experienced after the second or third session.

Conditions that respond well to NST

  • Spinal and neck conditions
  • Accident and sporting injuries
  • Shoulder, elbow, wrist and hand conditions
  • Leg, knee, ankle and foot conditions
  • Menstrual, fertility and menopausal conditions
  • Arthritis and joint conditions
  • Headaches, stress conditions and emotional depression



160 CHF           initial visit (1h1/2 or more)
120-150 CHF     subsequently


120 CHF           initial visit
80-100 CHF      subsequently


mobile: +41 76 544 6271