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Angelica Ristic

“We must learn to fly within ourselves and launch ourselves into spaces where we see no landing place. This is the only real courage.’’ Arthur L. Pauls

It’s along a ten year path of experience in personal development and occasional studies in coaching and NLP that I finally discovered a “new” interest in corporal techniques like Ortho-Bionomy® and Soatherapy.

The body hides nothing. If we listen well to its dysfunctions we can act upon them and improve for instance our posture and our reactions. The discovery and knowledge of our body can help us better understand our behaviors and limits. Overall, a good lifestyle combined with some exercises help to achieve well-being.


Ortho-Bionomy® is a soft technique which stimulates the body to find it’s own auto-corrector reactions. My aim is to find the preferred posture, not necessarily the ideal, but the most comfortable for the person at the very moment. Once found, I confirm the position with a soft pressure in direction of the articulation. That way a mechanism of biofeedback is stimulated and informs the central nervous system that the muscles are contracted and that a tension schema exists. When the body recognizes that schema through the soft pressure made to that movement, which then appears exaggerated for the articulation , a relaxing reaction is generated. This technique allows the body to experience again the posture but this time in a soft and secure manner to trigger the auto-corrector process.

My role is to guide the person to restore his/her corporal and energetic integrity by stimulation of his/her natural skills of healing. The person is and remains the sole creator of his/her transformation.

The word Ortho-Bionomy® means in Greek the correct application of life’s laws.

Ortho: correct
Bio: life, nature
Nomy: laws, principles

The philosophy of Ortho-bionomy® is naturally simple and behind every movement I do there’s always a true and universal understanding. It’s important that the person understands and becomes aware of what is happening to him/her in order to change habits, to act differently or see in a new perspective, that’s one key amongst many others for a better well-being.


The second technique I like and use a lot as well in my sessions is Soatherapy. It’s actually a synthesis between osteopathy, acupuncture and therapeutic alchemy that acts in different planes of one’s being as a whole (body, soul, spirit). This technique restores the physical and emotional balance. Through a body listening techniques, a series of movements and positioning I help the person find his/her own balance sometimes forgotten due to stress, in order to release the tensions. This specific work on the intricacy of the bones touches the original foundations of the natural “being”, renewing with our ancestral roots and natural healing skills.

Each experience is worth living and the result of each session will allow the person to better understand what is happening and has the choice to act differently or simply accept what is.

Ortho-bionomy® and Soatherapy will help you for:

  • Tensions and muscular pains (stiff neck, sciatica, lumbagos etc)
  • Phobias, anxiety, not feeling well, unpleasant feeling/sensations
  • Functional troubles (visceral pains, headaches, digestion troubles, sleep troubles, vertigos)
  • Shock, trauma, accidents
  • Pregnancy (before, during and after)

These two techniques are also entirely respectful to one’s self limits and they are suitable to everyone (children, adults and elderly people). In my sessions I rely on my experiences in coaching and NLP to accompany you in the choice of new paths that are sometimes hidden in the deepest part of your being.

Curriculum vitae :

2001-2002: Coaching and NLP certificates, Geneva
2003-2004: NLP master, Geneva
2006 : Practitioner in Ortho-Bionomy, Lausanne
2006-2008: Certificate of anatomy-pathology-pysiology, Kiveam Santé, Lausanne
2011-2012: Soatherapy, Geneva

Member of A.S.O.B and certified with ASCA.


100 CHF per hour


mobile: +41 78 689 2374
email: angelica@ortho-bionomy-ch.ch
web: www.ortho-bionomy-ch.ch